Our school is now moving away from traditional English spelling books.  For 3rd to 6th classes, we have decided to move forward with an individualised online spelling programme called ‘Spellings for Me’.   This programme is essentially a tailor-made spelling programme.   Your child’s spellings will be solely based on the words that they do not know how to spell, working at their own level.  No two children will have the same spellings, as no two children are the same. 

With the programme the traditional English spelling test every Friday will become obsolete, however, the teacher will continually assess your child’s spellings weekly and in an approximate 4 week block your child will take an online assessment of the spellings they have learned to date.  ‘Spellings for Me’ incorporates meaningful, enjoyable activities for your child, that are proven to improve children’s spellings.  It embraces continuous learning and continuous assessment throughout your child’s whole spelling journey through primary school.  Your child will still have spellings to practice each week and will complete spelling activities both online and in their own workbook daily, however, it is how they learn their spellings and the format of testing that will change. 

If you would like to see your child’s progress, you can log into their own profile (details of how to login are attached and on our website.  Children have their username and password stuck in their workbook).  Here you will see:

What level your child is on by seeing how many yellow ticks he/she has.

  1. How many words he/she already knew how to spell by looking at the ‘Certificates’ section.
  2. How many words they have ‘mastered’. Mastered words are words that the child has spelled wrong but has since learned them and spelled them correctly on the online test. You can view how many Mastered Words he/she has in the ‘Certificates’ section. Children can be retested again and again on these words to make sure they really know them. Your child will earn certificates, which are also available on their profile. This is a great way to celebrate their achievements at their own level!