Digital School

St. Mary’s recognise we live in a digital age and, so, we place great emphasis on education through digital technology.

Digital learning technologies support  the learning experience and provide many  benefits and fun for children’s overall development.

Digital learning allows students to access more knowledge and ensures that the content is customisable and tailored to their specific requirements.

Our teachers use a range of digital technologies to support assessment of learning and assessment for learning. 

Learning technologies encompass any communication, information and technological tools that facilitate improved teaching, development and assessment. 

Our Junior and Senior Infants use BeeBots and IPads.   BeeBots, programmable floor robots and IPads assist with Junior Infant literacy and mathematics and stimulate creativity and critical thinking through a variety of educational apps.

Older children use IPads and Chromebooks.  The children build skills such as typying, multi-touch navigation, problem solving and more.  The internet opens up a wealth of opportunities to learn more about our world.  Educational applications provide additional numeracy and literacy resources.


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