Board of Management

The board of management manages the school on behalf of the patron (the Bishop of Meath) and is accountable to the patron and the Minister. The board must uphold the characteristic spirit (ethos) of the school and is accountable to the patron for so doing.

The principal is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school, including providing guidance and direction to the teachers and other staff of the school and is accountable for that management.

The Board endeavours to ensure that all decisions reflect the ethos of the school. We are child centred, democratically run & co –educational.

The current Board of Management of St. Mary's consists of the following committee members:

Patron Nominee/ Chairperson: 

Patron Nominee: 



Parent Nominee/ Safety Officer: 

Parent Nominee: 

Community Nominee: 

Teacher Nominee: 

Pat O’Connor

Fr. Michael Kilmartin

Paul O’Connor

Kay Churm

Anne Lawless

Kevin Wilkie

Margaret Higgins

Ciarán Giblin

Aims & Responsibilities