Roll of Honour

Every assembly, teachers call out the names of children who deserve special recognition for or have come to their teacher’s attention in a positive way.  This may be for excellent behaviour, a great piece of academic work, a sporting achievement, a lovely piece of art or musical performance or showing kindess and friendship.

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Roll of Honour
Gaeilgeoir na Seachtaine

We also, place special emphasis on the speaking of our native Gaeilge.

Every week, in every class, a pupil who makes a huge effort to use Irish in conversation is nominated Gaeilgeoir na Seachtaine (Irish Speaker of the Week) and gets to keep a special plaque for the week.

We are happy that every child in the school has appeared on the Roll of Honour, at least once, by the end of the school year.

Children’s names are listed by class – there is no first and no last.

To this week’s Roll of Honour members, and to ALL our pupils, we say….

Congratulations children….Maith sibh a phaisti