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Hey everybody!

We’ve received our 7th Green Flag on the theme of Global Citizenship. Well done to everyone involved and especially to the Green Team and their leader, Mr Liam Ó Brádaigh!!!

Parents’ Association Announcement


Ms O’Connor’s 5th Class represented Saint Mary’s for the very first time in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme National Showcase 2019, at the RDS recently.

All participating schools had their own stand, showcasing their idea and explaining the steps involved in getting their business idea from inception to realisation. Our pupils, in their groups, met with the public and fielded questions from visitors to our stand in a very professional and friendly way.

We are immensely proud of them all. Well done!

Here in St Mary’s we love to keep fit and stay healthy!  Above  are some photographs from our school walk or run a mile a day! This intelligent idea came from Mrs Kavanagh. At the start, students didn’t exactly support this idea. But as the days went on, more and more of them were running like the wind. A certain 5th class teacher actually ran on the field to encourage everyone. Every day at a certain time, we head outside and off we go. Junior and senior infants go over to the Astroturf, First and Second class head over to the tarmac, and the rest of us hit the field. We are planning on continuing this for 28 days. In our opinion we think this is a brilliant idea. Everybody is staying active and we are always rearing to go next time!

Marc W and Garreth M 5th Class, Ms Moroney

Congratulations to everyone concerned with the Confirmation which took place on Saturday, May 18th @ 3pm in our Parish Church.

Our two Sixth Classes and their teachers, Mr Cawley and Mr Slattery prepared for many months for this wonderful occasion.

We in the St Mary’s School Community thank everyone for their work in preparation for Saturday’s ceremony.

Congratulations to the pupils, their friends and families on this big occasion. We know that everyone was inspired by this special day on their Faith Journey.

 Many thanks, to the 5th Class choir and their conductor, Ms Biggs for their work. Their beautiful singing really contributed to the prayerful atmosphere in the church.

Sincere thanks to Bishop of Meath, Thomas Deenihan, pictured below,  who confirmed the pupils on the day.

You  are always welcome in Ashbourne!

As always, everyone was invited back to the school for refreshments and a chance to catch up in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. Thank you for being there!


Great News!

The flag in the picture is one of our older ones and in need of a little TLC. Time for a new one!

We have been awarded our SEVENTH Green Flag! 

At Assembly recently, Green Schools Coordinator, Mr Ó Brádaigh announced, following an amazing application to An Taisce, the awarding body, that we have achieved our targets and will be awarded an impressive 7th green flag soon.

We would like to congratulate the Green Team members, all of the children and teachers but especially, Mr Ó Bradaigh for all the hard work done over many months to achieve this prestigious award.

Go Team St Mary’s!!!

Video of 3rd Class when they went to Córfhéile! Super!

Video of Ms Biggs’ Senior Choir, again at Córfhéile. Excellent!


Fun in the yard…

Junior Infants having a ball building a house in the fun play area!


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Fourth  Class Trip


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