St. Mary's N.S. Staff

Ms. Flaherty, Rm. 13, Ms. Wylde, Rm. 14, Ms. Barry, Rm. 15

Ms. Bennett, Rm. 16, Ms. Milligan, Rm. 17, Ms. Daly, Rm. 18

Ms. McNulty, Rm. 1, Ms. Downey, Rm. 2

Ms. Lehane, Rm. 3, Mr. Dunne, Rm. 4

M. O’Brien, Rm. 7, Ms. O’Connor, Rm. 8

Mr. Cawley, Rm. 5, Mr. O Bradaigh, Rm. 6

Ms. Coyle, Rm. 9, Ms. NiMhurcadha, Rm. 10

Ms. Moriarty, Rm. 11, Ms. Kelly, Rm. 12

Mr. Halpin, Mr. Giblin (Dep. Principal), Ms. Whyte (Asst. Principal), Ms. Ryan, Ms. Ivie, Ms.McGill

Ms. Buckley, Ms. Dolan, Ms. Flanagan, Ms. Meehan, Ms. Toner

Mr. Durkan, Mr. Byrne, Ms. Wearen, Ms. Behan

Ms. Kelly & Ms. Moriarty getting in the spirit of Hallowe’en.