Internet Safety

The internet and social media are a huge part of our modern lives.  They can provide wonderful tools which can really enhance the lives we lead if we use them safely and responsibly.  We ALL need to stick together and protect ourselves from the less welcome side to living in cyber space.

In our school we take cyber security and cyber-bullying seriously!

Let’s take up the challenge to make the internet safe for everyone!

Check out these websites for entertainment and technology recommendations for families and how to keep children safe using the internet: (click on the pictures to be brought to new sites)


Keep up-to-date on the latest trends in cyber security

1. Attend our talks and tutorials...
  1. As well as organising talks and tutorials, we are here all year-round to help parents and students stay safe online.
2. Check out these Internet Safety links...

to great websites helping every child stay safe in cyberspace.

Click HERE for advice from Barnardos on coping with cyber-bullying
Barnardos BBC Link
Click HERE for advice from CyberSafeIreland Cyber Safe Ireland, a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping our young people keep safe in cyber-space.
Click HERE for information from ThinkB4UClick, suitable for Primary School Children.

3. Check out this video...

Made in Cork, it contains hints on how to deal with cyber-bullying.

It’s a great message for our children; a powerful way to tackle cyber-bullying.

4. Keep talking...

Talk to your children regularly about how to stay safe online and how to cope with online/mobile bullying.