Ms Daly’s 6th Class Blog


For the past 4 weeks our class has been doing a variety of Fantastic Projects, for example Anne Frank, 9/11 ,Rosa Parks and even the 80s! We have learned about many historical people and events that have happened in the past. Every day for the past few weeks we got about 30 minutes to do our projects. Thanks to Ms.Daly we’ve learned loads of things about stuff we have never knew about. So now we are going to say some facts. The 80s- Thriller by Michael Jackson sold more than 66 million copies!!  Anne Frank- Anne wrote most of her Diarys about a person called “Kitty”, Nobody knows if she is Annes friend or even a person?  Technology Through the Years- The first known calculator was invented in 2400 BC. And last but not least is Albert Einstein- Quote, ”Logic will get you from A to Z but , IMAGINATION  will take you everywhere!! We had fun reading other peoples projects . We hope you enjoyed !J                      By Isabella And Lara


Road Safety

This December in our class, we created posters about road safety and how to prevent accidents.

The gardai contacted us about a road safety poster competition. We accepted the offer and made beautiful posters. In our posters we mentioned bicycle safety, including to always wear a helmet. We also mentioned drink driving, safe cross code and to always make sure no vehicles are coming your way. Mobile use while driving is prohibited.

We really enjoyed this experience, and we can’t wait to see who will be the lucky winner!

And we hope you travel safe this Christmas.

By Keelin Lauren and Kate L!!


Check out our bazaar stockings!!!

During the week Ms Daly’s 6th class made felt stockings as Bazaar art! The first step was to outline the shape of a stocking on colourful felt. The next thing to do was to cut out the shape we had just drawn. Here comes the tricky part. [sewing!] It was a first for many but it was a great learning experience and was lots of fun! Afterwards we had a brilliant time decorating them with lots of colourful sequins, ribbons and cotton. Everyone was admiring each others artwork and they turned out gorgeous. We will be buying them at the bazaar. Hope to see you there,


By Seren and Laura


Soccer on Mondays

On Monday the 3rd of December Ms Dalys 6th Class started soccer with the ACS TY students and Coach Johnny Brochan. We started with a warm up of arm stretches and some jogging on the spot, then we got separated into different groups to play some fun games, like 2 people vs. 2 people and we each got a number if your number was called and it was a lot of fun. Then all the different groups played a 5 a side match .Overall it was a lot of fun and we look forward to the upcoming 6 weeks of soccer. We started at quarter past two and finished at 3 o clock. We would like to thank the TY students and Johnny Brochan for an enjoyable experience.    By Sean McDonnell and Thomas Elmes.



Our Trip to Emmaus

On Friday the 23rd of November Ms Daly’s 6th class went to the Emmaus Centre Swords, Dublin. We arrived at the Emmaus centre at ten o’clock. When we went in the Emmaus we all went into an open room with a projector in it. We learned about the gifts that God gave to us. We moved our chairs into an oval shape and all got a name of 7 gifts from the Holy Spirit, which are; Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Pity and Fear of the lord. Then we separated into four groups. All of the groups got a backpack booklet , we underlined facts about ourselves and what we want to improve about ourselves in the future. After we went to the cafeteria we got orange juice and Oreos. After lunch we went back to the class room to learn about our confirmation .Soon after we went to lunch for second break we had water and pasta with tomato sauce and Parmesan. Next all of the four groups separated into two different groups. Then we went outside to fresh air and play around .After twenty minutes we went in and then went a chapel were we prayed, sang songs and talked about God and Jesus. Later on we separated and went to our four different classrooms. In the class we learned more about God and his seven gifts. After that we all met up and got on the bus and got back to school at quarter to three. It was a great trip!

By Girvan, Luke and Christian



On Tuesday the 13th Ms Daly’s 6th class visited Newgrange. At 10 o clock we got the bus into Newgrange and we arrived at around 11. First we went into the visitor centre. We were split into two separate groups after that we had a walk around the visitor centre then sat down to have lunch. A few minutes later Mr O Byrne and Ms Daly brought us into a room where they played a quick video about the history of Newgrange. After the video we went through a re-make of the tomb that led us out towards the shuttle buses. Each of the groups had their own bus it led us to the Newgrange monument we walked up to it where a lady talked us through the history of Newgrange then each group had chance to enter the tomb. When we go to the main area of the tomb they showed us a re-make of the winter solstice which is the sun shinning through a narrow tunnel which happens on the 21st of December-the shortest day of the year. Once we got out we were allowed walk around it. All around it had stones with nice patterns they made a while back. Overall it was a very enjoyable day thank you Ms Daly and Mr O Byrne for a great day.


By Shaniece and Melanie

Ms Daly   6th Class