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                                Welcome to Ms Moroneys 6th Class Blog! 👋 

                                                                   Pancake Tuesday

We turned the classroom into a kitchen on Pancake Tuesday and ended up making over 40 pancakes!

Ms Moroney put a basic pancake recipe on the board for us to follow. As a class, we helped make the batter by following the step by step procedure together. Ms Moroney picked names out of the jar to come up and help make the batter. There was many toppings to choose from such as marshmallows, nutella, maple syrup, sprinkles, whipped cream, lemon, sugar and smarties. 

Here are some pictures of our pancakes……(yes some people did choose to get all the toppings!) 

It is safe to say Ms Moroney doesn’t want to see another pancake until next year. Thank you to Zoe for supplying us with her crepe maker. 

                                                             Grandparents Day 2020



                                                            Titanic Projects

Here are our Titanic Projects we made with our partners. Some enjoyed making these sculptures and others never want to talk about this process or these ever again…


                                    John Lewis Christmas Ads

Ms Moroney set us all a challenge of making our own John Lewis Christmas ads. I am currently experiencing some technical difficulties with regards to how to upload them all on this blog but  I will get there eventually! ( I hope) 

                                                         Maths Week by Emma Wilkie

It was maths week from the  14th to the 20th of October. Our class enjoyed playing fun maths games and doing lots of fun activities. Mr O Byrne signed us up for Manga High and we got the ipads to play. On Manga High you have to play fun maths games to earn points. Our school came 83rd in the Maths Week Ninja Challenge. Ms Flaherty organised a tessellating shape art competition and a competition to guess how many lollipop sticks were in a box. Our whole class entered both competitions.

This is the last week before Halloween. Everyone is super excited about getting lots of sweets and not having school for a whole week. We have been having a fun week. We did Halloween. Our class got to sell the tickets for the Halloween raffle. The prizes looked AMAZING.

By Emma Wilkie 

We have all settled back into Ms. Moroney ‘s  6th class very well. We have done lots of exciting things over the few weeks we’ve been back! 

Ms Moroney brought us outside into the sunshine one day to do English as it was too warm to be inside the classroom. We then all got to play on the field together. 

All Things Maths 

In Maths we were learning all about length so we all found out the average height of our 6th class which is 1m 56cm. We found everyones height firstly and added them all together and then we divided by the number of people who took part in the activity to get 1m 56cm. 

Before length we were learning about Data in Maths. Each table collected data and represented their data collected on a trend graph.



We wrote all about ‘Mé Féin’ in Irish. We also had a conversation with Ms Moroney all about ourselves.


 Poster Competition

Our school have started collecting rugby stickers for a poster competition for a chance to win 50,000 euro. Our class were chosen to put the stickers on the poster. Once the poster is full you enter a draw. So far we are doing very well and have filled two posters!

 Class Competition

Our class have started a World Cup Rugby competition. Each person in the class has a team in the Rugby World Cup, some people share a team. If your team wins the Rugby World Cup you get 3 homework passes and a pack of jellies. If your team comes second you get 2 homework passes and jellies. And if you come third you get 1 homework pass and a sticker.

 School Mass

We had the beginning of the school year mass on the 24th of September. We have a new priest named Fr. John Nalley. Before the mass he came around to all of the classes to introduce himself. He used to be a priest in Mullingar, that is now where Fr. Derek has now gone. We had to learn all of the songs for the mass. Some people did readings or prayers. It was our last beginning of the school year mass with St. Marys. It went very well.

 Coffee Morning

Every year Ms Ní Mhurcadh has a coffee morning to raise money for the hospice. Everyone brings in 1 or 2 euro and they get a biscuit. It lasts for a week. One of the days during that week all of our parents, grandparents and friends are invited into the hall and have a tea or coffee and some biscuit too. We have yet to find out how much we have raised.


Our class have entered the Credit Union art competition. The theme is The Walk of Life. You can draw what you like and let your imagination go wild! Here is a sample of what art work we have been doing.


We have been writing recounts over the last few weeks at school. We used the new iPads to look up someone who has made a positive impact in society for a recount project. We also got to play Kahoot on the iPads too.  The new iPads work very well.

                                      By Naia Leonard-Palacios




What we did in 5th class (last year) below…..

Everyone in Ms Moroneys fifth class have settled very well back to school after the summer holidays. As life in school can be very busy we, as a class, decided to write a class blog together. We hope to include and keep record of the different activities we get up to in and outside of the classroom.  


As we are all trying to keep our school a greener environment, Mr Ó Bradaigh had the great idea of every child in the school having the opportunity to plant. Every child in St Mary’s planted either a daffodil or tulip bulb. Fifth class planted daffodil bulbs by the front gates of the school. We all had great fun while separating compound bulbs, digging our holes and planting our daffodil bulbs.  🌷🌼

On Friday the 19th of October both 5th and 6th classes from St Mary’s walked down to the Ashbourne Rugby club for a rugby blitz. There were other 5th and 6th class students there also from the locality. We all had a great day especially when Ms Moroneys 5th class bet a St Mary’s 6th class! Thank you to Kevin from the rugby club for organizing it. 😃

We had a jam packed day on the last day before the Halloween break. 🎃 

We firstly made our class into a polling station and the class voted for who they’d like to see as Ireland’s next president. Michael D Higgins won by a land slide 🇮🇪 

Later that day we had a Halloween party. We played flour tower and we also bobbed for apples. 🍎🍏

👩🏼‍🔬 Science Week 👨🏽‍🔬                                                 ➡️ 12th- 16th Nov 
We had a fantastic week learning about different areas in Science.  On Tuesday we were invited down to the library where we were given a talk by the Rediscovery Centre from Ballymun. We were firstly shown a PowerPoint about fun science facts and where the future with regards to Science will be heading. After this we got to do some hands on experiments with acids, bases and neutrals, how the human body works and how to make a circuit to light a bulb. Thank you to the Rediscovery Centre and to Ashbourne library for having us. 

Back in class we did an experiment with skittles. We also looked at the different bones in our bodies and tried to identify these bones from x-rays. We also drew an outline of the body and drew in all the bones of the body that we know.

On Friday at assembly the parents association announced the winners of the coin trail! There was great excitement when our class was crowned the winners of the coin trail. 🤗 We look forward to our trip to melt. 🍦 Thanks to the parents association and all the hard work they do for our school. 👏🏻

Our Trip to Melt on the 7th of December 🍦 🍦

On the 7th of December we went to the church, the library and then to Melt. We visited the crib while at the church and stayed for prayers with Fr Ciarán. We then walked to the library where we spent some time browsing and reading books. 

Tummies started to rumble so we headed to Melt to claim our prize from the Coin Trail. Melt were very generous to us and looked after us very well. Thanks again to the Parents Association for organizing the prize and to Melt for having us, it was a great day out.

Teach the Teacher 👩‍🏫 

Throughout the month of December    everyone in the class taught Ms Moroney something. It could have been something different they know how to do or a skill they have. George and Dara showed us how they clean the school fish tank every Friday. Teach the teacher was a huge success with many different and unique things taught. We had a demonstration on how to pair a pair of socks, spell our names in sign language, say a few Spanish phrases, know our roman numerals and solve a rubix cube plus many more. 

In art we made reindeers. 

Kevin our rugby coach from Ashbourne Rugby Club came in to see us with these two cups Leinster won this year, the Heineken cup and the Pro 14.


Callum White entered this very impressive piece into the Green Schools competition. We were all delighted when he won a prize for his great work. 

Grandparents Day was celebrated on Wednesday the 30th of January . We decided it would be a nice idea to write a letter to our grandparents and go down to our local post office and send them off. Thanks to Ms Kelly’s Senior Infants who walked down with us. 

Well done to Grace, Mark, Emma and Noah from Mr Cawley’s class who represented St Mary’s while taking part in the Credit Union Quiz in the Pillo Hotel. 

We availed of the great weather in February and headed out to play in the playground. Everyone had great fun especially on the monkey bars! 


We also had great fun running around the school while orienteering. Ms Moroney, with the help of Mr Giblin and Ms Kelly took pictures of different things around the school and hid a letter somewhere on the place or object. The class were split into groups of three. They were given a picture booklet, from which the teams had to try and figure out where the picture was taken and where the hidden letter was. When the groups collected all the letters they had to unscramble the letters into a word and whoever cracked the code  first won a homework pass. Well done to Isaac, Heather and Zoe who were our winners! 

🥞 Pancake Tuesday 🥞 

On Pancake Tuesday, Ms Moroney brought in pancakes, Nutella, lemon, sugar and maple syrup for us. We all loved our pancakes covered in the toppings! 

Engineers Week

As it was engineers week, Susan visited our school and did a lesson with us all about forces. We loved the lesson and making a mess with water. 

🐶 Garda Dogs Visit to St Mary’s 🐕 

Ms Daly’s sixth class won a competition with Ashbourne Garda Station and as their prize the guards visited our school with the Garda dogs. 

                       Tráth na gCeist.                         

Thanks to Ashbourne Library for inviting a team of fifth/sixth class students to take part in a Tráth na gCeist to celebrate Seachtain na Gaeilge. St Marys were up against great teams from St Declan’s and Gaelscoil na Cille. A St Mary’s team were the overall winners in the end and brought home the trophy. 

Zoe, Matthew, Callum, Grace and Shayne enjoying their table prize of hot chocolate and cookies. 

      Community Games: Chess ♟ 

Well done to our classmates who took part in the community games chess competition. 

Well done to Emma and Grace who performed for the school as part of our seachtain na gaeilge concert. They were fantastic. 

Gaeilgor Na Seactaine

Well done to Kayla who tried her best to speak as much Irish as she could for the week. She was crowned our class’ Gaeilgor Na Seachtaine! 

We enjoyed the warm sunny days and ate our lunch outside. 😎 

             Art Projects 👩🏼‍🎨 🖼 

Everybody brought in a shoebox to use as part of our art projects. We then got to decide on what theme or scene we would like to choose, to transform our shoeboxes into. Here are our finished results…

As 5th class is such a busy year we all love to take a break from our books and do golden time. Some people choose to draw, some love to read and others like to play a game. Chess is a classroom favourite. 


                           Parnell Park 

Our class was very proud of our nine classmates who were representing the school playing on the girls junior football team on Thursday 30th of May in Parnell Park. They put up a great fight against St Marnocks and came out victorious 🤗🤩 Well done to all of the team! 


                       Clara Lara                 

We had the best day out at Clara Lara on our school tour. Everyone spent the day with a massive smile on their faces as they ran about taking part in all of the activities. We think these pictures speak a million words and sum up our great day. 




On Tuesday the 25th of June fifth class had a great time setting up an obstacle course for the junior infants. They had even more fun going around with the infants and doing the obstacle course with them. Thank you to the three junior infant classes for joining us and to their teachers Ms Morriarty, Ms Milligan and Mr Giblin. 



SPORTS DAY 2019🏓🏏🥇


       🍦🍦Ice Cream Party 🍦🍦

To end the year we had an ice cream party.  It’s safe to say we all enjoyed it. Some of us over indulged on the toppings and didn’t feel well after 🙈🙈


                         Thank you! 

I just want to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to you all, both students and parents. You have all been very supportive, kind and generous throughout the year and I really appreciate it. Thank you fifth class for a great year. I’m looking forward to doing it all again with you in September 😎 Enjoy your summer! 🌸