Green Schools

Hi and welcome to the Green Schools page!

It’s time for a new Green Flag and we have achieved our seventh flag! The new Green Team was elected in September and they have been sharing their ideas and bringing ‘green messages’ back to classrooms! The theme is ‘Global Citizenship—Litter and Waste. 

We are one of the most successful Green Schools in Ireland!

Well done everyone!

Meanwhile, keep to the motto: REDUCE, RE-USE, RECYCLE!



This is our wonderfully colourful AND informative plastic bottle display!

Green Team News –  October, 2018

This week, the Green Team has been busy putting labels on the plastic bottles that you brought in to Mr. Ó Brádaigh.

You can see lots of nice, colourful plastic bottles on the green board but each one has an important message about the damage these bottles can do to our environment.

Did you know that many fish and sea creatures are killed every year because they swallow plastic or get entangled in it when swimming?

Did you also know that half of all the plastics that are made are used only once?

We invite all classes to come down and read the interesting facts that we have put on the bottles. These messages remind us to recycle plastic as much as we can to stop it ending up on our streets, in rivers and oceans. We should also only use plastic bags when we really need to!

Be part of the solution, not the pollution!