6th Class Ms Moriarty 2021

Welcome to our 6th class Blog

Take a look through all we are getting up to in Rang a Sé!

That is all for now, Happy Christmas from all of us here in 6th class.

Here is our Christmas Readers Theatre! We hope you all enjoy.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Rang a Sé!



For our last day we enjoyed a Christmas table quiz. There were 6 different rounds that were really enjoyable! Our winners were, Callum, Dashiel, Joe, Dylan and Cillian 🙂

We spent some time decorating Ginger Bread men and we were then put to the challenge to create a standing ginger bread house, it was tricky but good fun!

Having watched Ms Lehanes Taekwon-do fights in the European Championships we were eager to show off our own moves. Ms Moriarty brought in some shields for us and we learned some different kicks!

We had some lovely Crepes with different toppings! Thank you to all the teachers who spent the day making these. They were delicious.

We had been attending our Church for Confirmation preparation but we also took a trip town to the Crib to have a look and say a prayer.

We began decorating our classroom with our Art work and our Christmas tree. We also done Kris Kindle which was really enjoyable!


In December, we started focusing on the fundamental movements in PE. We began with kicking, then throwing and finally catching. We assessed each others skills using an assessment booklet and the I-pads. We recorded each other doing each of the movements and then looked at different ways we could improve ourselves. It was really interesting to see our technique improve over the weeks! Here we are playing a version of rounders at the end of our throwing and catching practice.


We got Toy Show Ready with some treats! We also made Jumpers that we thought Ryan Turbidy might wear and we spent some time looking at previous Toy Shows over the years. The Toy Show Quiz was enjoyable too!

The Meath Ladies, Marie and Aoibhin, came to visit us! We got the chance to ask them some questions about the All-Ireland. We also got to see the Brendan Martin Cup and their All-Star trophies! It was great!

We began using the I-Pads to research for our Counties of Ireland Project. Just wait until you see the finished piece.

Ms Moriarty reminded us to ‘Always be a little kinder than necessary’, on World Kindness Day!

We finished up our Hockey with some great challenge matches!

Both 6th classes made a remembrance tree in November to remember those who have passed away in our lives. May they rest in peace.

Science Week was also in November! Firstly we looked at the importance of washing our hands and having clean hands. We used slices of bread to do this and had different controls. For example, one pod washed their hands, another used sanitiser etc. The results were pretty interesting and proved to us how vital it is to keep our hands clean! Results to follow…

We also took part in an egg drop in our pods and we were given the challenge of dropping an egg from our classroom window and creating something to protect it from breaking! 

For PE in November, we focused on Hockey! Again we started with the basic skills of holding the stick and control over the ball. By the end of November we were playing mini matches and we had perfected our skills.


We prepared for Halloween by doing a halloween safety Quiz. We also had a pumpkin painting competition which was great fun!


We planted our daffodils and are looking forward to them coming up in Spring!


We LOVE Kahoot Quizzes and do them regularly to summarise our learning on different topics!

Maths week started with a maths trail around the school! It was great fun and we had to find all the answers to the quiz outdoors!

For October, each pod got to choose a game to play for PE and each week we rotated the games. It was great to play a lot of games that we hadn’t played in a while and reminded us of how fun they can be!

We have had some fun times on the yard at lunchtime! 

For our Lines and Angles chapter in maths we used masking tape to create as many angles as we could on our desks. We then practised measuring them with our protractors!

We had an SPHE Zoom were we learned how to make delicious and nutritious smoothies! They were super tasty and very easy to make. 

We had another Zoom, except this time it was for David Wallaims! What a treat.


Here you will see us collecting Data to display it on our charts. We collected data about different things such as peoples favourite cars, ice-cream flavours, takeaways etc


For International Dot Day on the 15th of September, we used a new app called Quiver to make our dots that we designed, come to life. International Dot Day is about making your mark and trusting in your own ability. 








For the month of September we focused on our basketball skills, we started with the basics and by the end we were playing matches using the correct skills. We also love the game hot seat!

Our classroom door reminds us of ‘who we are’ and what we can be!

We had a Zoom with Michael Martin and learned a lot about his Job!

We used Skittles to master Place Value & we got to eat them after!

We started off our first day in 6th class with some fun activities to get us thinking. We had a challenge set to make a STEM chain! We had to make the longest chain with one sheet of A4 paper.