Amber Flag Blog

Hi everyone and welcome to the Amber Flag Blog!

This year we hope to get an Amber Flag for our school, follow our journey and join in on looking after your mental health and well being!


Thankful Thursday 27th of May 

Today is Thankful Thursday and we are focusing on all we are thankful and grateful for. It is so important to remind ourselves of things that we are thankful of and times that we are thankful for. Take some time today to think of these and write them down to remind yourself.
Below we have some GFG (Grateful, Feelings, Goals) Charts for all classes to use. These were handmade my Ellen Spratt and Jane Deignan and we think you will agree that they are AMAZING. A huge well done to you both and thank you for spending your time designing these.


Well-being Wednesday 26th of May 

Today is Well-being Wednesday, we are focusing on the importance of sleep for our well-being. Each class has been given a sleep tracker to tally the amount of sleep each individual gets per night. We should all be aiming to get between 8-12 hours of sleep each night in order to given our brain and bodies the rest they deserve.

Check out our sleep trackers below and don’t forget, go to bed to rest your head!


Here are some pictures of our week so far!!!!


Talk on Tuesday 25th of May 2021.

Today is talk on Tuesday! We are encouraging all classes to share them importance of talking to some one about your feelings, thoughts and worries. It is vital that we all know who we can talk to when we need it!

Today also marks our ‘BE’ Campaign. This is to remind everyone that they can BE anything they want to be. Check out our picture below to see and remind yourself of all the things you can be.


Mindful Monday 24th of May 2021.

On Monday we all took part in Mindful Monday! We focused on being mindful for the day. The whole school took part in a mindfulness trail whereby we moved around 7 different mindful stations that were all over the school premises. Those stations included, the ‘BE’ Station, the Yoga Station, an Attitude of Gratitude area, Thoughts on Clouds, a Breathing Area, a Compliment Corner, and the Affirmation Station! Stay tuned for some pictures to follow 🙂


Happy Well-being Week!

Today kicks off the first day of our Schools Well-being Week. We have a lot of fun things planned for everyone to take part in. Be sure to keep checking in the blog to see what different classes got up to! Now more than ever it is time we started looking after our Well-being.


Kindness and Well-being Garden

Don’t forget to have a look and check out our new Kindness Tree and Well-being Garden over beside the senior yard! There will be lots going on over here to remind us to be kind and to look after our well-being. If any classes want to get involved in anything for our Kindness tree please let us know,
so you too, can help kindness grow! 


Class Work! 🎨

Ms Bennett’s class have been super busy working on their own Well-being since we have come back to school. Check out some things below of all they have been up to!

Here they made a unique flower showing how each petal (hand print) is different but altogether they make the most beautiful flower! “We are each unique and beautiful but together we make a masterpiece!”

This beautiful collaborative piece of art signifies that after rain there comes a rainbow. ‘Even when it rains, look for rainbows & when its dark, look for the stars’ 🌈

“We each made a compliment page and all of our friends shared a compliment they had about us on it, we all ended up with 32 compliments which made us feel so happy”

We all took part in this “I am” activity. Here we looked at all the things we are and can be. It is great to remind ourselves that we can be anything and to look at all of our positive traits! This is our positive word wall – 3rd Class.


The ‘BE’ Campaign

Our ‘BE’ campaign was an idea that our class came up with to remind everyone that you can be anything you want to be. All of the attributes that are displayed in the picture below are to remind everyone that we can all BE these things. The 4 that we have highlighted are particularly important to us for our Amber Flag. We think that it is vital that everyone is Happy, Strong, Brave and Kind. 

Stay tuned to find out more about our ‘BE’ campaign over the coming weeks.


Grateful, Feelings, Goals

In our class we have a wellbeing copy where we include daily thoughts and  mindset goals. We have recently come up with a new idea, a GFG Chart. This stands for Grateful, Feelings and Goals. Basically, each day we write down things we are grateful for, our feelings at the time, and our goals for that day or week. This is a lovely way to remind yourself of simple things that you are grateful for, to keep track of how you are feeling and to create little goals for yourself to stay motivated. Let us know if you try it out !

Below Ellen Spratt made a GFG chart to use at home!


You Can Do It

We recently got involved in an ‘I CAN DO IT’ campaign which ties in hugely with our Amber Flag. It’s so important to remember that you can do anything and to always try and give your best in everything you do. 


Well being Wall

Check out the fabulous art idea that Mr Cawleys 6th class came up with for our Amber Flag. Both 6th classes have made quotes here for our well being wall and they are all sure to motivate you and put a smile on your face 😊


Well being from Home

Whilst we are at home we can still take part in looking after our well being. It is more important now than ever that we practice well being and look after our mental health. Here is a well-being challenge for March that we can complete from home. You can also have a look at a well-being challenge that our class completed for February. We hope you enjoy it. 

We have reached the end of our Kindness Advent Calendar Challenge and we would like to say a huge thank you and well done to everyone for getting involved. Kindness was spread all throughout the school and at home too. Let’s not forget to continue to share kindness, because as the saying goes –        

A little kindness goes a long way!


Here are some ways in which we took part in spreading kindness for the month of December.

Olivia, in 6th class, completed one of the challenges at home and recycled old Cd’s making them into a lovely display for her bedroom.

Here are some pictures of residents at the nursing home receiving their cards that were sent to them by Ms Kelly’s Senior Infants.

Me Moriartys 6th class sent Christmas Cards to a local nursing home, we hope they love them.


We done some mindfulness coloring and put kindness posters all around the school to remind people to be kind wherever and whenever they can!


Kindness Advent Calendar

As part of our focus on Kindness for our Amber Flag we have decided to make a Kindness Advent Calendar to spread kindness more than ever this month. We encourage all classes to get involved by completing a kindness task each day for the month of December. Try and complete as many as the tasks and you can and always remember, a little kindness goes a long way.


World Kindness Day 2020.

On Friday the 13th of November it is World Kindness day. Lots of classes have been doing their bit to spread kindness throughout the week.

Ms Kelly’s Senior Infants took part by making 35 personalized cards and delivering them to teachers around the school with a lovely treat. This was a super kind thing to do and very thoughtful of them. There will be lots of happy Teachers on Friday morning and we think you would agree that their art work is amazing too!

Meanwhile, Ms Whytes First Class were also very busy making beautiful cards and pictures. They decided to send theirs to a local nursing home which made our hearts so full. Each boy and girl made a card or drawing for someone in the nursing home. They posted them during the week and they should arrive there on Friday morning just in time for World Kindness Day!

Well done to everyone for getting involved in World Kindness Day & remember if you haven’t done anything to be kind YET, there is always time!

Kindness never stops.

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