Ms Magee’s Junior Infants 2020/2021


Our class is full of elves…

Look at our fantastic reindeer art!

We adore practicing our sounds!

Playtime in December

We have been learning about the Post Office. We made cards for our families and put them into envelopes. We put a stamp on the envelopes and then we walked down to the Post Office where we got to post our letters. It was very exciting to see them be delivered to our house by the Postman!

We have been visited by a very mischievous elf named Elvis. He has been getting up to lots of funny things over the last few weeks. Here are a few examples…

On Friday it was a very frosty morning and we were amazed to see the ice on the bench. We were even more amazed to see when we figured out we could make handprints!

We love to Play!!!


Our story of the week was Rosie’s Walk. On Wednesday we drew pictures of the different places Rosie walked and stuck them together to make a map. 

This week we have been working very hard in our maths, focusing on the number two and sorting things by colour/item. 

Check out our artwork!!

As part of Science Week, we did an experiment to see what would happen if we poured warm water over some skittles on a plate. We were very excited to see the colours spread out to make a lovely rainbow!

On Wednesday, we came back from the yard to find our class teddy, Joe, had been on some adventures around the school and had left us photographs of his antics! We discussed where around the school grounds these photographs may have been taken and went on a walk around the school to follow his path. We noticed lots of new things such as the black and white signs to Ashbourne and lots of bird houses around the place!

This month’s theme for Aistear playtime is “The Doctor’s Surgery”. We have been learning about what happens when we make an appointment for the doctor. In art, we made x-rays of our hands!

Playtime in November


In SPHE this week we learned how to cross the road properly. We talked about finding a traffic lights, pressing the button, waiting for the green man and looking left and right before walking slowly beside an adult.

We planted daffodils at the front of the school, with the help of Mr. Durkan. We are excited to see a great splash of yellow as they grow in the spring time!


We learned a lot in October about the season of Autumn. We especially loved to learn about Harry the Hedgehog and how he will hibernate during the Winter. We even learned a song about him.

We had great fun dressing up for Halloween. Our class was full of witches, skeletons, princesses and superheros! Ms. Magee even dressed up as Incy Wincy Spider.

Playtime in October