Ms Magee’s Junior Infants 2020/2021

Hi everyone! Welcome to our class blog. We hope to give you a glimpse of all the fun we are having! Please check back regularly to see more of our hard work…

St. Mary’s took part in a school marathon relay – together the school ran 42, 195 metres which is a full marathon! We were super runners and our class ran 400 metres altogether!

On Friday we released our butterflies into the wildlife garden as they were big enough now to be set free! We will miss having them in our classroom but we loved watching them grow!

May is the month that we remember Mary, the Mother of God, and this is even more important because our school is named after Her! We have been celebrating Mary by having a May altar in our room, learning about Mary and saying the Hail Mary prayer.

We got a surprise to come into school to find some caterpillars in our room. We are watching them to see how they form into chrysalis’ and then they will turn into orange and black “Painted Lady” butterflies… 🐛 🦋

We have been very busy learning our Tricky Words in lots of different ways… We hopped on them outside on the path, we watched the invisible tricky words appear in water and we also have them all over the floor of our classroom! Ms Magee is so proud of our hard work with these words 😄

Playtime Pics 🎪


Having fun working with puzzles and jigsaws! 🧩


Before our Easter break, we made some chocolate rice crispy buns and made some Easter chicks, it was a lot of fun! 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳

Mr Durkan, one of our caretakers planted a rose bush at the front of the school gates to commemorate the Covid-19 pandemic! We also looked at our daffodils that we planted in October, we were amazed at how much they’ve grown!  👨‍🌾



As part of our Christmas celebrations we each received a crepe in school. There were lots of happy faces (covered in chocolate)! Thank you to all of the teachers involved 😍