Ms Moriarty’s 5th Class Blog

Hello and welcome to our 5th Class Blog!

Seachtain na Gaeilge

Ar feadh Seachtain na Gaeilge, d’foghlaim muid an amhrain, Girls like you le Maroon 5 as Gaeilge. Rinneamar amhrain le rang Mr Cawley freisin. Check them out at the links below ->




World Book Day 2020

On World Book Day, the 5th of March, our class dressed up as book characters! See if you can spot any of your favourite characters below!

We also went down to Ashbourne Library to meet with an Author and Alexander got to take home one of his books for helping him out, well done Alexander!

Finally for World Book Day we made our favourite book characters using potatoes! We used paint and stuck on different bits and bobs to design our characters, they turned out really well!

Pancake Tuesday

On Pancake Tuesday we turned our class into a pancake cafe and had some yummy pancakes after lunch. Ms Moriarty cooked them on a crepe maker and we got to add our toppings!  It was a lovely treat.

Snow Joke                                                                       10/2/2020 – Today while we were in school it began to snow. We couldn’t believe our eyes. It was quite strange because at the same time we began a new unit in our reading zone that was also based on snow! What a coincidence.

Student Council                                                               Last week we elected some student council members from our class. Everyone who went forward shared their amazing proposals with us. Ms Moriarty wish she could of picked them all to be on the council. Ella O Brien and Leo Kelly were the two people elected from our class, having put forward some amazing reasons for us to vote for them. Congratulations Leo and Ella!

Grandparents Day

As part of Catholic Schools Week, last Wednesday, the 29th of January, was Grandparents Day. We were so fortunate to welcome so many grandparents into our classroom. We showed them around the room and shared our work with them. We introduced them to our friends and let them sit at our tables! It was extremely enjoyable and a memory that we will keep close forever. 

Science Science Science 

As you know in room 9 we absolutely love to do science experiments. Recently we carried out a new experiment.

Storm Brendan 

On Monday we spent some time looking up Storm Brendan’s weather forecast on Met Eireann. We looked at each of the different forecasts and it was interesting to see the changes in the weather due to the storm. The wind forecast in particular was very colourful so we decided to recreate a piece of art on it! Check them out below ↓

Maths Madness 

This week in room 9 we learned about lines and angles in maths.

We used masking tape to create different angles on the tables and we worked together in groups to find all the angles and measure them. It was great fun and we got to find so many angles.


After a busy first term it was time for us to have some fun and chill during our last few days of school before the Christmas holidays. We organised a Kris Kindle back in November and we got to give our gifts to each other.  It was so much fun and everyone was extremely grateful with what they received.

We also had a hot chocolate party as a small reward for having such a fantastic first term. Everyone had to bring in their favourite mug and Ms Moriarty used a slow cooker to make the hot chocolate. We had different toppings such as marshmallows, cream and sprinkles. It was delicious!

Have a great Christmas everybody!

Christmas Cards

As a part of our Christmas Countdown, we decided to make Christmas cards to send to others to let them know that we are thinking of them at this festive time. It was very exciting as some people may have not been expecting this card from us. We posted them in the local Post Office just in time for Christmas.

Busy Busy Bazaar

On Wednesday the 4th of December was the Annual 2019 Bazaar! In room 9 & 10 there was Santa’s Grotto. We spent a lot of time decorating our classroom for everybody! It looked fantastic when it was finished.

In Mr Dunne’s classroom was the book stall. In there you could buy books DVD’s and lots of cool bookmarks. In Ms Ivie’s class you could buy your Class Calendars and the Christmas arts and crafts that were made in school.

In Mrs McNulty’s classroom there was the movie room. They were playing a movie called Christmas Chronicles. It was great to sit down and chill out! In Ms Flaherty’s classroom you could get your nails painted.

In Ms O’Brien’s classroom was the parents tea and coffee room and Ms Wylde’s room was full of deliciousness, there was guess the weight of the cake, the cake stall and best of all, the crepes. They were so tasty! In the hall there was the wheel of fortune, the Bric a Brac, the toy stall and the bottle stall, all of which were very busy.

We all had a great time at the Bazaar and it was a huge success for our school. Thank you to everyone that helped to make it so enjoyable.

Room 9 Mathematicians  

From the 14thto the 18thof October we had Maths Week. Our focus was on length so we done lots of activities based around this. Our class got into groups and measured eachother using meter sticks that we made. We then found the average of the class by adding them all up together then dividing it by thirty two and then we got 149.25 as our answer. We also found the average height of each class in the school and displayed our answers on a on a bar chart. It was very interesting to see the heights on display. We hung the graph on our corridor for the rest of the school to see.

We also used bar charts to display other information we had collected, for example, favourite colours, foods, subjects and football teams. We got into groups of five or six and chose our topic. When we counted up all of our data we displayed it on a bar chart.

Then there was a competition where you had to guess the amount of cubes and lollipop sticks in the container. We also did some tessellation art.  If a shape tessellates it means it can be repeated without any gaps forming. A triangle is an example of a shape that can tessellate.

We also used the I-pads and played Mangahigh. Mangahigh is a maths website that allows you to play many different maths games. It was really enjoyable and we love using the I-pads.

5th Class Scientists 

On the 18thof November, our class show cased some science experiments for the other classes in the school. There was lots of different experiments taking place such as, dancing raisins, Ooblek making, skittle rainbows, lava lamps, elephant toothpaste and many more. We had to decorate the tables with posters displaying our methods and the name of our experiments for all to see.

We got to see how sometimes experiments only work with certain substances. One of our experiments was with baking soda the other was with 7up. The experiment with baking soda did not work but the experiment with 7up did. It was very interesting and we had a lot of fun.

Rugby World Cup 

During October, in Ms.Moriarty’s fifth class, we had rugby skills with our rugby coach, Kevin. We played lots of warm up games such as, no man’s land, stuck in the mud and dodge ball. It was great fun and we learned so many new skills. Thank you Kevin.

We also had a class Rugby World Cup draw. Mark and Clara had in the draw South Africa and South Africa won. In second place came Rìan and Sabrina with England and in third was Jason O’Neil with New Zealand. We had a poster up on the wall and each week we wrote in the scores of the matches. One day we got to watch some of the Ireland match in school it was great to see different skills that we had been learning with Kevin, happening on the screen. Ireland sadly got knocked out in the quarter finals by New Zealand losing 40-14 but we really enjoyed following the tournament.

Maths Time

Every week in room 9 we do maths activities. Our class splits up in to groups and we complete fun different activities. Sometimes we use the i-pads for maths based games and we play dice games, card games and make pictures using tangrams. The dice game is where you role two die and try get to 100 but if you role a one its back to the start and it’s the next persons go. With the cards we can play games like snap and go fish. The cards are really big and fun to play with. Tangrams are plastic, flat shapes that join together to make patterns and pictures. We learn a lot from the games and it is really fun to work in groups.

Cycle Safety

Back in September we began cycling in school. We started off by learning about all the different parts of the bike and as the weeks progressed we began to learn signs that would be useful for cycling on the road. We cycled on the yard for four weeks and for the last two weeks we went out on the road. Our instructors, Don and Richie were so cool. At the end of our 8 weeks of cycling we had a quiz to test our knowledge of what we had learned.

It was a lot of fun and we all really enjoyed it. We learned so much about cycling and how to be safe on the road, thank you to the school for organizing it.