Ms Kelly’s Senior Infants 2020/2021

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Hello and welcome back to school! We are so excited to be back in our classroom altogether. This year our classroom has an outer space theme. Our group pods are called the aliens, the robots, the planets and the astronauts.



- I have suggested that we wear our tracksuits on Tuesdays and Thursdays 
  ... please feel free to continue wearing them any day that suits best.
- Please bring your personal hygiene bag to school every day.
- Try to walk, cycle or scoot to school for our golden boot challenge!
- Homework:
  Monday: Shared Readers
  Tuesday: Tricky Words Tuesday
  Wednesday: Word Box Wednesday
  Thursday: Shared Readers

🎁 📚 Christmas Present 📚🎁

Ms. Kelly got us all Mr. Men books as a little thank you for being such a great class!

🎄🎅🏻 Happy Christmas 🎅🏻🎄

Today we had our international Christmas zoom where children said happy Christmas in 27 different languages! Well done to Iga and her sister who said Happy Christmas in Polish!

🥇 Raffle Winners from Room 18 🥇


Look who came to visit and he gave us all a bar of chocolate!

🎄🎅🏻 Christmas Jumper Day 🎅🏻🎄

Have a look at all of our Christmas outfits!

🥞 🤤 Crepe Day 🤤🥞

We all loved eating our crepes today! Such a lovely treat just before the Christmas 🎄! Thanks to Mr. O’Connor and all the teachers that helped out!

🧝‍♀️ 🎅🏻 Our Elves Our Stuck 🎅🏻🧝‍♀️

Look where our elves got stuck today 🙈!!

🧤 🎅🏻 Look What We Found 🎅🏻🧤

Today when we arrived in to school we discovered that our elves had made it out of quarantine and were helping themselves to some of our lemon juice! We were wondering how they managed to get out of quarantine by themselves and where their quarantine jug disappeared to! When we were doing art Grace found a glove in the basket and on the glove it said “Property of Santa”. We think Santa might have dropped it while letting the elves out of quarantine last night! We’ve left some notes for Santa and his glove with the elves. Hopefully he’ll come back and collect it tonight!

👮🏼‍♀️ 👮🏻‍♂️ Garda Barbara’s Visit 👮🏼‍♀️👮🏼‍♀️

Today we were lucky enough to get a visit from Garda Barbara! She told us lots of interesting information about what it is like to be a police officer. She asked us all to be Safety Officers and make sure we always wear our seatbelts in the car and a high-vis jackets when walking. She also brought us pictures to colour and gave us all pencils ✏️.

❄️ 🎄 Christmas Scene 🎄❄️

Have a look at our lovely Christmas art!

💌📮 Post Office 📮💌

We visited the post office today to post our Christmas cards and virtual hugs to the nursing home! We also got to see the outdoor crib at the church!

👮🏻‍♂️👮🏼‍♀️ Garda Station 👮🏼‍♀️👮🏻‍♂️

We’ve been having so much fun this week learning all about the Garda Station! We have been making passports, making Garda badges, making wanted posters, working in the Garda station and filling incident reports!

✍️ 📝 Letters 📝✍️

Our Christmas cards and virtual hugs are ready to send to the Nursing Home!

🧸🎲 Playtime 🎲🧸

Look what we got up to this week during playtime!

🤗♥️ A Hug for U ♥️🤗

Today we were busy making these ‘hugs’ to put in cards to send to a local nursing home next week!


🧝‍♀️ 🎅🏻 Look whose come to visit 🎅🏻🧝‍♀️

Look who arrived from the North Pole today! We have named them Blondie and Brownie. Unfortunately due to Covid 19 they will have to quarantine for the next 10 days! Ms. Kelly hopes that Blondie and Brownie’s handwriting will improve before they head back to the North Pole for Christmas 🎄

🎄🎅🏻 Christmas Decorations 🎅🏻🎄

Ms. Kelly put up our Christmas decorations just in time for the 1st of December! We also have an advent calendar and we’re learning all about advent wreaths.

🎄❄️ Christmas Window Display ❄️🎄

Look at our lovely colourful Christmas trees that we’ve made for the window 🪟!

♥️ More Kindness ♥️

We made love hearts showing all of the kind things we do to help out at home! Also the Amber Flag team in 6th class have made a lovely kindness advent calendar for us all to follow!

👀 Look what we made 👀

☀️ ❄️ Fun in the Yard ❄️☀️

🥾 🏅 Golden Boot 🏅🥾

We have won the golden boot for a second week in a row!!

💃🏼 🕺🏾 Friday Feeling 🕺🏾 💃🏼

We are dancing in to the weekend!

⚫️ We’ve Gone Dotty ⚫️

This week for art we created pictures starting with just one black dot… a black dot can be so many different things! Have a look at our pictures!

🏃🏻‍♀️ 🏃🏼‍♂️ PE Games 🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️

We had great fun at PE this week!

👨‍⚕️ Doctor Avery 👨‍⚕️

Never fear Doctor Avery had saved the day with a covid 19 vaccine!

🧸 🚗 Playtime Fun 🚗🧸

We had lots of fun during playtime this week!

❤️🌍 Happy World Kindness Day 🌍❤️

Today is world kindness day and we decided that it would be nice to make cards for all of the teachers and staff in the school! We made 35 cards in total so some of us had to write two cards! Ms. Kelly put a bar of chocolate in each bag too! Some people  even made cards at home for the boys and girls at their table!

🥇 🥾 Golden Boot 🥇🥾

We won the Golden Boot for a second time!!

🔴🔵🟡 Pointillism 🔴🔵🟡

We were inspired by the Japanese artist Kusama for this weeks art lesson! We made lots of lovely pictures using only dots of paint!

👹 😟 Worry Monster 😟👹

We have been feeding all of our worries to our worry monster over the last few weeks! He eats up every last worry any time we feed him!

✍️ 📝 Writing Fun ✍️📝

We love writing and letters in our class! Have a look at what some of us made during playtime and free writing this week! Michael even wrote a sentence as Gaeilge! It says “Tá sé grianmhar agus scamallach.”

🎃 👻 Happy Halloween 👻 🎃

We had great fun today dressing up for Halloween! Unfortunately Ms. Kelly couldn’t make it today so she sent her granny in instead!

🌼 🌱 Planting Bulbs 🌱🌼

Today, with the help of Mr. Swinburne, we planted daffodil bulbs. We can’t wait to watch them grow in the Spring!


🥾 🥇 Golden Boot 🥇🥾

Last Friday in assembly our class won the Golden Boot! We have been making a big effort to walk, scoot or cycle to school and we’re delighted with our win! We get to keep this lovely golden high heel for the week!


 👧🏼 Goldilocks and the Three Bears 🐻

This week we used puppets to act out the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

 ✂️Sticking and Cutting ✂️

🍁🍂 Autumn Leaf Art 🍂🍁

Look what we made with the leafs we collected the other day!

🛁🧽 Looking after the babies 🧽🛁



 🎃Pumpkins 🎃

Ms. Kelly painted pumpkins for the class… can you guess what movie they are from?

 🍁 Autumn Walk 🍁🍂

We went on a nature walk today to collect leafs for art tomorrow!

🧽 🛁Looking after the Babies 🧽🛁

Every day each group will get a chance to show what they’ve learnt in homecorner as they care for baby Aoife and baby Conor.

🍼👶🏼 Baby Aoife and Baby Conor 👶🏼🍼

Baby Aoife and baby Conor have come to visit our classroom! We will be learning how to look after them for the next week. We learnt how to hold them and how to bathe them carefully.

👹 👿 Halloween Monsters 👿👹

This week we made crazy Halloween monsters and Ms. Kelly put up some other Halloween decorations!

🚀Shape Rockets 🚀

Today we made some shape rockets to put on top of our shooting star backgrounds. Ms. Kelly loved all of our rockets so put them up on the WOW Wall!


🎲🧩 Playtime 🎲🧩

🌟 Good Work 🌟🎉

Ms. Kelly has spotted some great work going on in the classroom from helping others to writing our very own stories and sums!

🦆 🦆 Duck Duck Goose 🦆🦆

Today on yard the whole class teamed up together to play a big game of duck duck goose. It was great fun!

😃 🌟 Pupils of the Week 🌟  😃


🏃🏻‍♀️ 🦊 Sly Fox 🦊 🏃🏼‍♂️ 

Today we played Sly Fox on yard!

🚀✂️ Rocket Cutting ✂️🚀

Today for our art lesson we got our scissors out and started cutting out shapes to make these fabulous rockets!


🚀 🪐 Soaring Up to Senior Infants 🪐🚀

Check our new display outside our classroom door! If you look closely you can see our faces looking out the windows of each rocket! 5 4 3 2 1… LIFTOFF!!

🎨 🔭 Space Telescopes 🔭 🎨

Today we made our very own space telescopes!

🏅 Pupils of the Week 🏅

💚 Our Green Bubble 💚


🧘‍♂️ 🧘‍♀️ Yoga on the Yard 🧘‍♂️ 🧘‍♀️

Today we had to change venues for yard time but we made the most of it and did some yoga together!

🧸 Playtime 🧸

🏆 👩‍🎓 Pupils of the Week 👨‍🎓 🏆

🖥 Virtual Assembly 🖥

Today we had our first ever Virtual Assembly!! Here we all are ready to go…

🏅 🥾 Golden Boot 🥾 🏅

Mr O’Bradaigh has challenged us to walk, cycle or scoot to school as part of a whole school competition! Every child that walks/ cycles/ scoots to or from school will earn a point for their class! The class with the most points will earn the Golden Boot trophy at the end of the week.

🇮🇪 Gaeilge 🇮🇪

Check out Gaeilge phrase… make sure to practice the phrase at home with your families!

🎉Playtime in our Space Pods🎉

We love playing in our new space pods together!!

⬇️Junior Infants ⬇️

📚This weeks favourite book…📚

Each week we will read a few different books before going home in the evening. On Fridays we will do a recap of all books and pick our favourite to read again.


We had great fun running around at PE on Wednesday!

📚 New Books 📚

We loved starting some of our new books.

🎲🎪 Playtime 🎪 🎲

We love playing every morning with our new friends at our table.