Ms Dardis’ 6th Class Blog

Congratulations to Ava & Niamh who won this huge chocolate cake at the Bazaar for guessing the weight of the cake, which was 3.44kg


Well Done to Lucy Carey, who is Ms Dardis’ class, new Green Team Representative!!


Christmas Classroom Door


Clay Work to Sell at the Bazaar



Our Narrative Story Writing


Extracting DNA from a banana

On Monday the 25th  of November the cell explorers came in to are class and talked about cells. Did you know that there are a hundred trillion  cells in a human body and it can go to the moon and back six thousand times! so what we did was take a bananas DNA it was great fun thank you,  Ronan & Caroline.

~Killian Wilde



On Thursday we went to Newgrange, first we had to go the the visitor center to get the bus up to it.  While we waited someone asked if we could explore the place, she said that we can go anywhere that’s not passed the borders. After exploring we all went on a 400 meter walk to the buses. Once we got to the station we had to get a second bus because one was too small too fit all of the class on it. We all got on the buses and started to go towards Newgrange. Getting off the bus we split into our pairs and walked towards Newgrange, first a woman talked to us about history and geography, we went into the passage tomb & walked around the grounds. ~ Fionn O’Rourke

POP Art !!


Science week!

On Monday the 20th of November  our class and the two fifth  classes went to the library for science experiment as it is science week


Halloween Lanterns


Artwork inspired by Yayoi Kusama



Simple Gaeilge sayings that we can use everyday out & about!


Anything to keep track of what everyone is reading during D.E.A.R time!


Starting off the beginning of another new school year with a class contract. Signed & sealed with a hand-print!