Roll Of Honour

This is the Roll of Honour


Friday, March  6th  , 2020


Grace Armstrong

Lola Martin

Thady Greene

Moya Dillon

Stephanie Maughan

Daniel Madigan

Evan Lyons

Sam O’Connell

Dylan Brougham

Nicole Brennan

Freya O’Shaughnessy

Tom Cashen

Heidi Soden

Dominik Rus

Emily Moynihan

Rebecca Derham

Peggy Tsemzang

Adam Walsh

Olivia Martin

Ella Rainsford

Robyn Farrelly

Ruby Grattan Teeling

Ellie O’Doherty

Shay Hennessy

James Herron

Odhran King

Piotr Wozniak

Kevin Molloy

Tiana Ludusan

Jaro Biczel

Olivia Moriarty

Ben Corcoran

Bobby Moloney

Liam Duff

Sophie Harford

Mia Warnock

Annabelle Vance

Daniel Di Fiore

Caleb Williamson

Holly Duff

Shane Naughton

Noah Murphy

Michael Flynn

All of 4th class

Conor Dwyer

Brigita Zamkeviciute

Lucas Doyle

Ava Dillon

Adam Doran

Isibéal Butler

Sabrina Toner

Jack Gorman

Ava Dunne

Niamh Walsh

Megan Byrne

Emma Wilkie

Liam Fay

Dara O’Sullivan

Callum Kelly

Iana Macovie

Magdalena Gatkowska

Gabriella Herman

Julia Vorohta

Isobelle Adams

Kalvin Sharlott

Harry O’Connor

Bobby Fountain

Cian Byrne

Julia Chaykovska

Beatrice Maeder

Ruben Puthuppillil

Sophia Hanley

Noah Murphy


All the above children have come to their teacher’s attention in a positive way. This may be for excellent behaviour, a great piece of academic work, a sporting achievement or a lovely piece of art or musical performance.

There are so many ways to shine!

Well done children!!

We’re happy that every child in the school has appeared here at least once, by the end of the school year.

They are listed by class: there is no first and no last.

To this week’s Roll of Honour members, and to ALL our pupils, we say:

Congratulations boys and girls!!!!


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