Roll Of Honour

This is the Roll of Honour


Friday, November 8th, 2019


Hannah Whitford

Paul Philip

Grace Armstrong

Isla Adams

Alex Ruiz

Aaron Flynn

Sarah Flynn

Emma Tuohy

Rhys Campbell

Norbert Zalot

Amy O’Brien

Mariyam Sajan

Alanna McConalogue

Bobby Fountain

Kyle Fitzgerald

Damian Duff

Theo Scally

Tom Cashen

Jamie Swinburne

Heidi Soden

Noah Hally

Dominik Rus

Chloe Kelly

Shane Cooper

Ruby Pigott

Ella Brady

Evita Kalibataite

Sophia Daly

Amelia Hanley

Savannah Maughan

Katelyn Norton

Oisin Quinn

Rian O’Reilly

Zoe Campbell

Joshua Butler

Luke Moran

Regan Woods

Adam Roe

Lily Cummings

Liam Duff

Gabriela McBrearty

Sarah Fay

Conor Armstrong

Jaromir Biczel

Mia Warnock

Sadhbh Daly

Viktor Grosicki

Josh Finnegan

Matthew Young

Otilia Secrieru

Holly Duff

Niamh Lawless

Chloe Conroy

Liam Brooks

Liam Tuohy

Laura O’Sullivan

Jeff Mahon

Darius Bors

Callum Sheridan

Cai Duggan

Sean McCarthy

Taisia Dimitrijeva

Adam Doran

Hugh O’Brien

Hannah McNally

Niall Lawless

Daniela Secrieru

Ryan Lynch

Megan Byrne

Sarah Morris

Cezar Maeder

Kayleigh Ryan

Matthew Holmes

Heather Millington

Ross Wilson

Daniel Donnelly

Zach O’Reilly

Cezar Maeder

Sophie McGrane

Zara Dunphy

Holly Duff

Mia Warnock

Ross Thompson

Jamie Geary Gibbons

Ben Ellis Smyth

Magdalena Gatkowska

Tiana Ludusan

Gabriela Herman

Joshua Butler

Liam Fay

Rian O’Reilly

Avery Ducie

Tom O’Doherty

Aaron Flynn

Ross Byrne

Sean Colley

Emma Wilkie

Olivia Gleeson

Alina Rus

Dara Naughton

Leanne Roe

Zoe Murtagh

Zoe Williamson

Mark Murray

Abigail Puthuppillil

Ross Wilson

Alex Dunne

Seamus Brett



All the above children have come to their teacher’s attention in a positive way. This may be for excellent behaviour, a great piece of academic work, a sporting achievement or a lovely piece of art or music.

There are so many ways to shine!

Well done children!!

We’re happy that every child in the school has appeared here at least once, by the end of the school year.

They are listed by class: there is no first and no last.

To this week’s Roll of Honour members, and to ALL our pupils, we say:

Congratulations boys and girls!!!!


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