The Year in Events

PA Yearly Fundraising Events

September/October – Copper Trail 

Our annual Coin Trail is running at the moment. This is a fantastic fundraiser and last year raised €3273.94 for the school. We accept all coins and notes, but no foreign currency please. Don’t forget to ask extended family and friends if they have any spare coins to donate!

November  – Halloween Hampers

Our annual Halloween hamper raffle was a big success again this year! There was a 1st , 2nd and 3rd place hamper to be won. The raffle draw took place on Friday 27th October at assembly. Many thanks to the M50 Halloween shop and Melt Gelato for donating gift vouchers. A picture of the winners is on the home page of this website! well done all!!

November – Cash for Clobber

Our ever popular Cash for Clobber fundraiser returned straight after the mid term break. It will run form Monday 6th November until 23rd November.  Bags can be dropped into school during school hours during this time. The school will also open on Saturday 11th & 18th November to facilitate bag drops. Opening times are between 3 and 5 pm both days.. Again, don’t forget to get your extended family, friends and neighbours involved as everyone loves to declutter!

November – School Calendar Photoshoot

On Wednesday 8th November the school calendar photoshoot will take place in the school hall. The Calendars will be for sale at the start of December. This fundraiser raised €2123.70 last year and is not only a great present to give at Christmas but also a wonderful momento to keep of your childs’ years in school.

December – The Craft Room at St Mary’s Christmas Bazaar

Would you like to be involved in this year’s Christmas Bazaar Craft Room? Whatever your level of craftiness you are welcome to join us on the night to sell your crafts for St Mary’!


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May 2018


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Many more fundraising events will take place in 2018, dates to be confirmed