4th Class Blog


Our School Tour

By Ellen Spratt and Olivia Murphy

On Wednesday, 4th Class went on our school tour to Gormanston boarding school.

We left the school at 9:15 and arrived at 9:45.

When we arrived we met our team leader Rebecca. When we walked in we saw lots of different activities and inflatables like Zorbe balls, disco dome, go carts, inflatable maze and huge slides.   

We left Gormanston at 2:30 and arrived back at the school at 3:00.

We had a really great day!

Our Projects on Space

Check out the pictures below  of ALL of the  amazing space projects we carried out recently. Following lots of research in the computer room and beyond, we gathered all our facts and illustrations to demonstrate our learning. It was a lot of work but so much fun in the end when we saw our results.


Our Trip To Dublin on April 8th

Both 4th classes went on a trip to Dublin recently to see the Famine Museum and the famous ship, the Jeannie Johnstone, aboard which many of our ancestors made their way to a new life in the New World.

Here we are , above, checking out the ship and the famine statues on the quay-side. We had an excellent time and learned a lot.


Above, see 4th Class with their projects for Artefacts Week 2019. The children did HUGE amounts of research on their chosen projects and, shortly after this picture was taken, they put them all on display, ready for Wednesday’s BIG exhibition in the Hall. Well done to everyone!


On 21st of March, we supported World Down Syndrome Day! (WDSD)

We can do this if we all wear socks…BUT NOT JUST ANY SOCKS…brightly coloured socks, long socks, printed socks, and 1 sock…maybe even 3 socks for 3 chromosomes.

The meaning behind wearing Odd socks is that – We are all different, We are all human, We are all the same.

Community Games Art Competition WINNERS!!!!! 


Well done to the pupils from Ms O’Brien’s 4th Class. They did so well with their fantastic, creative entries!! 


A visit from Clara’s Grandfather

4th Class – Ms O’Brien 

Last Thursday 14th March, Clara’s grandfather – Kurt came to our class to talk to us about growing up in Germany during World War Two.  Kurt was born in 1934 and he was four years old when war broke out.

He brought photographs to show us and he shared his memories with us.  Kurt told us that his family was evacuated from Gelsenkirchen in West Germany to East Germany for a time and later moved back to Germany during the war.  Kurt’s father was a soldier in the German army.  Kurt remembers the sirens going off before the bombs were dropped.  He told of listening to the radio but they were only allowed to listen to one channel – for fear of being shot! Food was scarce and Kurt remembers rummaging through the rubble with his friends searching for medals and other memorabilia to exchange with American soldiers for chocolate and bubble gum!  We laughed when Kurt told us that he never met Hitler and described him as a gangster.  We really enjoyed listening to Clara’s grandfather and we are very grateful to him for coming to see us while on holiday in Ireland.


Today is World Book Day 7/09/19. We LOVE books in 4th class. Reading is a great way to relax and unwind, it is also the best way to fire up your imagination and transport yourself to a new place.  Check out some interesting characters that turned up in our class today – Pippi Longstocking, Tracy Beaker and Mackenzie Hollister all made an appearance…………and Sirius Black came out of hiding especially for World Book Day!

Trivia question? Can you guess what book Miss Biggs likes best? (not the obvious answer that involves wizards!!) hint……… this book is based on a true story! 

.In Miss Biggs class we did a mini project on the heart. We got into groups and created a model using cardboard, paint and lots of other materials. Each group got a chance to present them. Miss O Brien’s class came in when we were presenting our projects. We all enjoyed creating our projects about the heart and we listened to a funny song about the heart. Miss Biggs did a pretend example of CPR on someone from the other class. Thank you Miss Biggs for teaching us lots of new things.


This is the fourth class  blog where you will be able to find all the exciting things we are doing in class. We hope you enjoy!


Here we are, busy making human heart models!

Do not worry however, as there was no real blood used in the making…!!!