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Forensics Workshop 

Last week on the 9th of November a forensics workshop took place in the hall for 4th, 5th and 6th classes.  

A man named Gary came in to teach us about forensic science. Basically it’s about DNA, fingerprints and footprints. He taught us about how every single person has a different finger and footprint even if you are twins and explained to us all about how DNA works and how it can show many things.

After that he set up 4 stations and we got into groups and tried to solve a fake crime of who stole the diamond. There was magnifying glasses, construction tape, a briefcase with a note inside and a footprint mould in sand on the floor.

At the end we got our score of our time. Overall it was great fun and all classes enjoyed it. Thank you to all the teachers and Gary for making this happen.

By Ruby Byrne Hennessy



Cross Country Trials

On the 7th of November boys and girls from 4th, 5th and 6th class did cross country trials to compete in the Fairyhouse Racecourse on November 22nd. Many children took part in the race.

Many children brought in shorts, spikes, football boots and more and the first 8 boys and girls would qualify, many children in our class quailfield.

Thank you Mr. Halpin and his smart-moves group for making this possible.

By Sarah Quilty.


Our Letters to Bishop Tom

Our class responded back to the bishop of Meath, Bishop Tom as he wrote a letter to everyone in our class, telling us about our confirmation and our faith friends.

Many of our class went to mass either Saturday or Sunday to give our letters to Fr. Michael. We are looking forward to making our confirmation on the 23rd of March 2024.

By Sarah Quilty.



Halloween Dress Up

So it’s our last week of school before the mid-term break and St. Marys are hosting another Halloween dress up party for the school!

Children and even the teachers will be able to dress up in a costume of their choice just don’t make it too scary for the junior infants!! 

            What will we be doing?

Around the school there will be a various amount of activities going on in each class around the school. Like having fun, doing art, playing games and even maybe scaring the teachers! We will most likely get sweets and have an amazing day before the end of school for our mid term break!

Also our class and the other class will be doing a dress up competition and get pictures done with our class. We will also have a final assembly before our midterm and HALLOWEEN!! We will have a great day so thank you all!


By Sean Scally


First Class Reading:

Ms Downey’s first class came up to Ms. Kelly’s 6th class to make stories with us. They came up and gave us a plot for the stories.

Then we made up the rest of the story. My partner was Isabella and we wrote about her in taekwondo. 

Later on we went down to first to read out the stories to first class and make covers for their stories.

Isabella drew a lovely picture for the cover.

Xaiver and Tomas made a country quiz and everyone else answered their questions.

After Mrs. Kelly gave out jellies to 6th class and 1st class.

By Isabelle White.


Green Schools

This year, we’re continuing our campaign for our 8th green flag. The Theme this year is: Energy/Global- Citizenship. We have elected a new Green Team, consisting of one child from every class from 2nd-6th who have proven an interest in green matters. A class election was encouraged.

We are really excited to try to get our 8th green flag and we will recycle and save as much energy as possible! Any ideas are welcome so don’t hesitate to tell us.

By Sam Brady


Hospice Coffee Morning

We had a very successful Hospice Coffee Morning. We have made our biggest donation this year as we made 1,243 euro. We are delighted to help.

The Hospice is helping people who are ill, many of our families will use the services and all the money we donated stays locally.

Parents/neighbours/grandparents all came to have tea,coffee,biscuits and a chat. We would love to say thank you to Ariosa Coffee who donated coffee for the morning.

Thanks so much for the donations.

By Sarah Quilty


Chess Club

A few weeks ago Mr O’ Bradaigh started a chess club for third and fourth class. Every Tuesday beginners go to Mr O’ Bradaigh’s classroom and on Wednesday a group of advanced chess players from third and fourth class go to Mr O’ Bradaigh’s classroom to play chess. 

Chess club was from September to the October midterm break. After  the midterm 5th and 6th class chess will be on from November to Christmas break.

At the end of chess Mr O’ Bradaigh will bring 16 kids(8 from 3rd and 4th and 8 from 5th and 6th) to Navan to do a one day tournament.                        

By Oisín Quinn


Girls Match Against St. Declans

On Friday the 29th, the girls football team had a match against St. Declans.

The girls went out on the pitch at 11:30 to start the warm up. Rachel from 6th class was the captain for the day. At 12:00pm the game was going to kick off.

We had a strong team. Our players went on the pitch. The referee started the game. It looked like St. Declan’s would have a great chance of winning. The first score looked like it was about to happen for St. Declan’s, it did St. Declan’s had scored the very first point in the game. A few scores later and St. Mary’s scored the first goal of the game.

At half time, the girls got in a group huddle, Rachel, Ms. Kelly and Ms. Moriarty talked about the game and what we had to do. Once again the referee blew the whistle and the last twenty minutes was counting down. The girls from St. Declan’s scored a few points but our girls weren’t going to give up. St. Mary’s got some more scores. The whistle blew and the match was over. St. Mary’s girls won the match.

By Sarah Quilty    


5th Class Girls Blitz 

On Thursday the 19th the 5th class girls had a blitz against Dunboyne  Senior school. Some of the 6th class girls were reffing and coaching the girls.

Everything went great. Everyone was enjoying themselves. Plus everyone got lots of game time. It started at 1:30 on the button .

Each match was 14 minutes long and each half was 7 minutes long. 

Overall I think the blitz went really well!!

By Zoe Campbell


Girls Gaelic

Over the last few weeks, the fifth and sixth girls have had a great time playing gaelic!! The first match we played was against St. Pauls, we lost but it was a great game.

The second game we played was against Ratoath SNS, we lost that one too but it was close. Everyone played so well and we had a great time.

Our third match that we played was against St. Declans, usually we don’t win against declans but this time we did! I think it was the best game we played in the league. We had a lot of the school out supporting us and cheering us on. We weren’t sure which team would win because both teams kept scoring and one minute we were ahead and the next minute Declans were! In the end we only one by one point! All of our class were so happy that we won too. We were delighted that we won.

Our final league match we played was against Donnycarney and that was a good game and it was played on the field and in the end it was a draw. On Thursday the 19th, the fifth class girls and some sixth class played a blitz against Dunboyne and Grace Kelly, Zoe Campbell, Emma O’Connor, Elsepeth Douglas, Rachel Armstrong and I, got to ref and manage the blitz. It was great. 

Thank you to Ms. Kelly, Ms. Moriarty and Ms. Lehane for a great season of football.

By Mia McDermott


 Maths Week

Last week in school it was maths week and all through the week there were fun maths activities.

On Wednesday the entirety of 5th and 6th went to the younger classes of the school such as Junior and senior infants for Maths Week to make frankensteins out of shapes such as rectangles and circles. They also helped them to do a shape trail around the school.

2nd, 3rd & 4th class did a maths trail outside and had to find clues. In the hall there were also maths stations going on that the 6th class got to help with and Mr. Halpin set up. 

5th & 6th class got to do an escape room in the hall! We went around in our groups finding clues to win our prize.

Also a lego workshop was set up in the hall for many different classes during the week too and everyone really enjoyed that

Thank you to Mr. Halpin and all the teachers who set maths week up and made it happen. 

By Emily Farrell, Ruby Byrne Hennessy and Rían O’Reilly


BOYS GAELIC                     

In the boys gaelic so far we have won against St. Pauls Ratoath, Dunboyne and White Cross and we have lost to Ratoath Senior School. We are going to be playing St. Declans soon and whoever wins goes to a semi final against Ratoath Senior School.

The people who are doing it in sixth class are Josh,  Alfie, PJ, Michael, Neil, Cian the , Mikey,  Adam,  Eric, Ryan, Joseph, Conall, Kevin, Sean,  Darragh, Oisín, Sam, Ben and Fionn. Ben and Shane from fifth class also play for us. There are other people from fifth class on the squad too. 

Thank you Mr. Cawley and Ms. Bennett.

By Josh Butler and Alfie Lancaster             



Pyjama Day

On the 13th of October we had a pyjama day to raise money to paint the 5th and 6th class blocks.

On pyjama day we all brought in two euro or more. The end of pyjama day both sixth classes did P.E.

Pyjama day was a good way to raise money for the fifth and sixth class blocks to be painted and it was fun.

When we came in Ms. Kelly put up a fake fire on the board to make the classroom feel cosy. Some people made marshmallows on pencils and pretended to roast them.

We are hoping by the end of the year our classrooms will be nice and painted and the next sixth class will be able to enjoy it!

Thanks for donating.

By Isabelle White



Football On The Field

3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class were allowed to play football on the field at big break. It has been a great idea to allow children to practise/attempt football.

The GAA girls and boys are finishing up for the winter but will still get to play on the field occasionally. 

Things you would need to bring on the field:

> football boots

> mouth guard (aka gum shield)

> change of socks

> *shorts*(that’s a must)

> A jumper

By Sarah Quilty


Spellings For Me

In Ms. Kelly’s 6th Class, and throughout the whole school, we started a new spelling program called; “Spellings For Me” spellings for me is an Irish company and is written by primary school teachers, Emma Doherty & Patrick Grace.

This new spellings programme proves to be much more beneficial to children as it is not based on class or age, rather the level is set by ability.

In our class, we stick our personal spellings into our books and we learn these 48 words over the course of four weeks, focusing on a group of twelve each week.

Aswell as doing certain activities with our spellings, we can practise our spellings online whether that’s at home or in school. And no two students’ spellings will ever be the same.

Spelling For Me is definitely a very good new spellings program for our school.

By Kevin Molloy




6th Class Going to the Church

On Wednesday the 18th of October both 6th classes went down to the church. Gaelscoil na Cille and St. Declans went too.

          When we got there the mass started. The mass was done mostly by Fr. Michael and a little bit was done by Fr. Brendan. Fr. Stephen was unable to be there.

             The mass could be attended by everyone who wanted to go. After the mass, the priests talked to all of the 6th classes about confirmation.

              The priests told us about the dates of our confirmation which is going to be on the 23rd of March. He also told us that we are going to be writing a letter to Bishop Tom Deenihan which we will be including the name that we are taking for our confirmation. The name has to be a saint’s name. In the letter we have to say why we are taking confirmation as well.

              After that, the other schools left but we stayed and Fr. Brendan told us a bit about the rosary and we did some prayers including the ten Hail Mary’s.

 By PJ McDonagh


Beginning of Year Mass

On Thursday the 28th of September, 2nd to 6th Class walked down to the church and had a great day! About 3 to 4 days before going down to the church we practised down in the hall and then walked down to the church to practise again. We were making sure we talked slowly and stood correctly and made sure we weren’t too close to the microphone!

On the day the readers walked down a bit earlier to the church to set up the microphones. After about 5 to 10 minutes everyone got there and the mass started. It was really nice, everyone read very calmly and no one was nervous. We sang a song at the end and then the mass finished we blessed ourselves with holy water going out and then got back to the school. When we got back Mr. Giblin came into all the classes and told everybody that we were well behaved at the mass so we all got no homework!

We all had a very great day. Thank you very much to all the teachers that helped and organised this day for us.   

By Julia Vorohta


Rugby World Cup:

In Ms. Kelly’s 6th class we made projects on all the countries that are in the Rugby World Cup.

Some of the countries are South Africa, Chile, Tonga, Georgia and many more.

Every person in the class has done a different country. The projects are not just about rugby but also just about the history and geography of the country too.

Our projects were due on the 6th of October and then we presented them to the class. We are also doing a competition to see if we can guess which country will win the World Cup. 

By Zoe Campbell



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